Speech given at the Transatlantic summit, Budapest, 27th of May 22 by Grégor Puppinck, PhD, Director of the ECLJ, Associate Professor of Law.


Dear Members of governments,

Dear Members of parliaments,

Dear friends and colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We must acknowledge it: there are many issues with Human Rights. Far more than the previous generations of Christian-democrats believed.

Most of these issues have a theoretical root, but today I want to denounce a very practical one.

Nowadays, the main purpose of Human Rights isn't to protect the freedom to live a decent life anymore, but to serve as an instrument to impose the leftist revolution on countries which refuse it. Sadly, it became an instrument of ideological domination – rather than protection – on countries such as Hungary and Poland as well as many others in the South.

And why is that so? What happened?

One of the reasons is corruption. Not only corruption of the concepts, but corruption of the HR system by radical left activists who infiltrated the institutions, and by global private actors such as the Gates, Soros or Ford foundations.

This is what the European Centre for Law and Justice has revealed in its recent reports, based on an analysis of public data.

Let’s get into details.

A few private foundations and companies, are exercising an increasing control over international institutions. For example, in 2020, they paid nearly one and a half billion dollars to UNICEF, over a billion dollars to the WHO, half a billion dollars to the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, and so on. Even the International Criminal Court received fundings from the Open Society, as well as the Council of Europe or the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights.

Along with these fundings, these private foundations contribute to set the policies of the international organizations they finance. There is a reason for that: International institutions have global power, but seek money, whereas large foundations have money but seek global power.

Now, I will show you how this corruption works with a few examples.

At the European Court of Human Rights, in Strasbourg, we revealed that, over the last ten years, at least 22 of the 100 judges were former employees of seven leftist NGOs and foundations which are also active before the Court as applicants or third parties, such as the Open Society, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International or the International Commission of Jurists. Among these 22 judges, 12 are former employees or board members of George Soros's Open Society. Moreover, the six other NGOs are also funded by the Open Society. This demonstrates the grip of George Soros's Open Society over the Court.

But there is more!

At least 88 times in these ten years, those judges have ruled on cases introduced or supported by their own former foundation or NGO, acting both as judge and a party. These are blatant conflicts of interest.

You can find all the details, and much more, in our report: the NGOs and the Judges of the ECHR. As a result of our report, we got a lot of attacks, of course, but the ECHR eventually changed its ethical rules, and, for the first time, a board member of the Open Society failed to be appointed as a judge.

The situation is not better at the U.N., as we have shown in another report published last year.

We revealed that a large proportion of the Special Rapporteurs of the United Nations are former executives of leftists foundations and NGOs, and that they even accept millions of dollars from these foundations – especially from the Ford and Open Society foundations –, out of any control from the States and the U.N., and in violation of the ethical rules of the U.N.

The UN Special Rapporteurs are supposed to be “independent experts”, with a worldwide competence on specific issues. They are at the top of the human rights machinery and have a considerable influence on human rights soft law.

We explored every available financial records and interviewed 27 Special Rapporteurs. Some of them described the situation as “corruption.” In our report, we described in details how the foundations pay and influence the agenda of UN experts. But to be complete, I must add that several States – mainly Western States – do not behave better than the foundations and also try to “purchase” Rapporteurs through direct fundings.

I’ll give you an example.

The Open Society Foundations have given $100,000 in 2017 to a radical feminist group in New Jersey, with the explicit purpose of, I quote “influencing a UN Special Rapporteur” for him to write a specific report. And so he did. The following year, Ms Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, the head of the Open Society Women Program who gave the money became herself a Special Rapporteur. Meanwhile, the lobbying director of the feminist group that received the money, Mrs Melissa Upreti, also became a U.N. expert herself, Today, Mrs Upreti is both the chair of the Women’s Rights UN working group and a private lobbyist aiming at influencing the U.N. on Women’s Rights and abortion. Once again, this is a blatant conflict of interest.

The problem is not only the financial corruption, but also the intellectual corruption. Another example is the current UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health, Mrs. Mofokeng. As a medical doctor, she has herself performed abortions, which she presented as “a radical act of self-love.” In addition to promoting abortion, she also advocates for the legalization of prostitution, which she describes as an ultimate form of feminism.

This is not just stupid; it’s evil. Because such persons are ruining the human right’s system. It’s a disgrace.

You can find the details on our website, in a report entitled the Financing of the UN experts.

But the World Health Organization is even worse

You may have heard of its recent Guidelines on abortion. And guess what? When we checked its authors and its financing, once again, we found the same radical groups. Those Guidelines on abortion have mainly been drafted by the abortion lobby: by the IPPF, the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Population Council. And unsurprisingly, those guidelines recommend to legalize abortion on demand up until birth, and to weaken the rights of the parents and the freedom of conscience of the medical practitioners. Those guidelines are published as an official WHO document, yet it has not been approved by any State, but only by a committee of so called “independent experts” that is full of activists. And guess what? The process has largely been financed by Warren Buffet’s foundation which gave millions of dollars to the Department of the WHO that published those guidelines.

This is not surprising when you know that the director of this Department at the WHO is Ian Askew, who was previously the Director on abortion matters at the Population Council, a private organization which purpose is to promote eugenics and population control around the globe.

So, this is just a glimpse of how the Human Rights system is corrupted.

The Human Rights system has been captured by the radical and global left; it became their instrument of domination. We must denounce it and break free from it.

We shall not accept to submit to those ideologists. They are abusing their mandates and Human rights.

We, fellow conservatives, are the only ones who can save Human Rights from self-destruction. Because we accept that God exists, and that He has established a natural law within us and above us that is truly universal and good.

So, please, join us in this fight for justice.

I thank you.

Stop the dark funding of UN experts!
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