The corruption of Human Rights - Transatlantic Summit IV Puppinck's Speech1653999471769

Speech given at the Transatlantic summit, Budapest, 27 th of May 22 by Grégor Puppinck, PhD, Director of the ECLJ, Associate Professor of Law. Dear Members of governments, Dear Members of parliaments, Dear friends and colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, We must acknowledge it: there are many issues...

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Decline of freedom of conscience and expression in Algeria, Interview with Razika Adnani1652545800000

This radio show is available in French only. La justice algérienne a finalement débouté Saïd Djabelkhir de son recours juridique suite à sa condamnation d’avril 2021. L’islamologue condamné à trois ans de prison ferme assortis d’une amende pour « offense aux préceptes de l'Islam », n’a pas pu...

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Will the Supreme Court "take away" the right to abortion in the United States?1651823197208

A US Supreme Court draft ruling on abortion was leaked to the press. Some people are worried that the right to abortion might be challenged. Interview for Valeurs Actuelles with Grégor Puppinck, PhD in law, Director of the ECLJ. The ECLJ intervened as amicus curiae in the case before the US Supreme...

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