How Big Foundations Influence Human Rights: Interview with Gaétan Cliquennois1624891090002

Radio show in French only. Gaétan Cliquennois est chargé de recherche au CNRS et a rédigé un ouvrage important pour expliquer l'évolution des droits de l'homme : " La justice européenne des droits de l'homme et la privatisation : L'influence croissante des fonds privés étrangers ". Grégor Puppinck,

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Chaldean Couple Missing in Turkey: Authorities Unconcerned by Abduction?1624288302924

The 11 children of a Chaldean family in Turkey have been searching for their missing parents for over a year. The tragedy of their disappearance is even harder because there are several indications that the disappearance was enforced, that the couple have probably been killed, and that Turkish...

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European Parliament: Conscientious Objection to Abortion at Risk1623405600000

Radio Show in French only. Le rapport du député croate Predrag MATIĆ "sur la situation concernant la santé et les droits génésiques et sexuels dans l’Union, dans le cadre de la santé des femmes" devrait être mis aux voix le 23 juin 2021 au Parlement européen. C'est l’occasion pour Grégor Puppinck,

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Webinar: Defeat the Matić Resolution & Protect unborn children1622819468123

In line with its fight against the Matic resolution ((2020/2215(INI)), the ECLJ organised an online conference “ Defeat the Matić resolution and protect unborn children ”. The resolution will be voted at the plenary session on June 23; therefore, the different interventions focus on the various...

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