The ECLJ is proud to announce the publication of a new reference book on the history of the WHO’s Human Reproduction Program (HRP):

70 Years of Population Policy: History of the Human Reproduction Program of the World Health Organisation 1950-2020

Published with Ethic Press and written by our Research fellow Louis-Marie Bonneau with Grégor Puppinck, ECLJ Director.

To our knowledge, this is the first comprehensive and historic study on the UN biggest program to control the world population growth.


What is HRP?

As you may know, in 1968, Paul R. Ehrlich published the best-selling book The Population Bomb. The book’s catastrophic thesis was that world population growth would lead to famine in the 70s and 80s, resulting in the death of hundreds of millions of people, or even the collapse of humanity in a thermonuclear war, unless drastic measures were taken to limit population growth.

One could say that the HRP was the UN response to this so-called population threat.

For over 5 decades, the HRP has taken action to develop abortifacients and contraceptives widely used today, and by disseminating a discourse based on human rights to make them accepted and commonplace.

The HRP began its activities with millions of dollars from Western countries and powerful private foundations (Ford, Buffett, IPPF…), as a global scientific authority. The Program has produced numerous guidelines and guides to influence public policy on sexual and reproductive health. It was also involved in the development of methods used today for contraception and abortion, such as the morning-after pill, intrauterine devices (IUDs), sterilizing products, immunocontraception and medical abortion using mifepristone and misoprostol. The HRP has thus played a key role in the development of these methods, both in terms of product and protocol development, and in terms of social acceptability, and is continuing to work on other methods such as contraceptive vaccines designed to prevent fertilization or implantation.

Since the 2010s, as private funding increased over State’s fundings, the HRP has been gradually abandoning its scientific activities to focus more on sexual freedom issues. We explained you 2 years ago, how the HRP promoted abortion on demand and unconditionally until the end of the pregnancy. And it continues to make recommendations to countries that receive them with the WHO’s scientific authority.

This book, written with official evidence and documents, reveals the importance of this reproduction program and as we are launching it, we are pleased to offer you a 33% discount.

As we are fully aware that it is a big and expensive book, we also published a summary of its content. It will give you the essential information about the HRP.


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