Comments on the ECtHR decision of Vallianatos and others v. Greece and on the progressive dilution of the notion of family life

Vallianatos v. Greece Comment

By Grégor Puppinck1406084700000
The original version of the article has been published in French in the Revue Lamy Droit Civil, n° 111, January 2014. L’affaire Vallianatos et autres c. Grèce et la dilution progressive de la notion de vie familiale
Undertaking a direct control of the conventionality of a law reserving the conclusion of a “civil union” only to heterosexual couples, the Court concluded that there was a combined violation of Articles 14 and 8 of the Convention, which prohibit discrimination within the scope of private and family life. This is a decision that raises questions about the content of the idea of family life.
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