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Hello everyone, my name is Julia, I am Hungarian, and I would like to talk to you about the change in the abortion regulations in Hungary, which has created a stir.

From this Thursday, September 15, pregnant women must listen once to the heartbeat of their babies, before deciding to abort them.

The new Constitution, which came into force in 2012, states that Hungary defends "the life of the fetus from the moment of conception." Nevertheless, abortion has been legal in Hungary since the 1950s, up to the 12th week of pregnancy in most cases.

Pregnancy can be terminated up to the 12th week for 4 reasons:

(a) for a reason that seriously endangers the health of the pregnant woman;

(b) the fetus is medically likely to have a serious disability or other impairment;

(c) the pregnancy is the result of a criminal offense; or

(d) in the event of a serious crisis of the pregnant woman. According to the law, a serious crisis is a situation that results in physical or psychological distress or social disability.

The amendment to the abortion decree only adds one step to the abortion process. To provide all the information necessary for women to decide. After hearing the baby's heartbeat, the pregnant woman can still decide to have an abortion.

According to the Hungarian Minister of Internal Affairs, two thirds of Hungarians connect the beginning of a child's life with the first heartbeat. The heartbeat is a proof of life, so this amendment could reduce the number of abortions, as some women later regret it.

Those in favor of abortion argue that the fetus is not yet a human, only a mass of tissue. After hearing the heartbeat, this argument is no longer accurate. This is important because women need to understand that they are not only deciding on their own life but also on the life of their child.

The amendment is not in contradiction with the pro-choice movements either. They talk about the free choice of the woman. From this point of view, they want the woman to make the best possible decision. In order to make a good decision, it is necessary to know all the circumstances of the situation. Women have the right to full information. Today's technology allows for the detection of heartbeats very early in pregnancy and can provide more complete information to women considering abortion.

 It is also a way to protect women from making an ill-considered decision that can cause a lifetime of pain. Some women who have had an abortion go through a psychological crisis that is long and difficult to heal. Their understandable anxiety must be addressed to help them really think about alternatives. The new procedure offers pregnant women the prospect of a more nuanced and informed decision.

In conclusion, the "heartbeat" decree gives the baby a chance to communicate for a few seconds with their mother. To protect the unborn child and to protect women from making the wrong decision.

Here we are for these details on the Hungarian news. You can also watch these other videos related to the subject of abortion.


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