Prof. Michel Bastit

Michel Bastit is Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Metaphysics at the University of Burgundy. After studying law and philosophy, he obtained a doctorate in 1986 entitled "La notion de loi de St Thomas à Suarez. Les origines scolastiques de la loi moderne" (The notion of law from St Thomas to Suarez. The scholastic origins of modern law), and was appointed Professor of Philosophy in 1992. Today, he continues his research at the Poincaré Archives of the CNRS in Nancy as a full member and is Research Fellow at the ECLJ.

He is the author of several reference books, including Naissance de la Loi Moderne (PUF, 1990), Les quatre causes de l'être dans la philosophie première d'Aristote (Peeters, 2002) and Le principe du monde, Le Dieu du philosophe (Presses universitaires de l'IPC, 2016).

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