Promoting the defense of religious liberties and fostering human rights and democratic freedoms in Europe

The European Centre for Law and Justice was founded for the legal and legislative defence of religious freedoms, human dignity and the family among the Member States of the Council of Europe and the European Union. The ECLJ, through litigation before the courts of the European Institutions and work with the European Union legislative bodies, acts to further the implementation and respect for these ideals.

Legal Expertise and High Level Networking as the Key to the Success of the ECLJ

The European Centre for Law and Justice serves individuals, associations and religious groups before the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice through its mastery of the technical and procedural workings of European and International Human Rights Law. ECLJ also promotes fundamental freedoms and human dignity by working with Members of European Parliament and the European Commission in the legislative process. The European Centre for Law and Justice is also active in these same areas in many of the countries of Europe.

Promotion of Religious Freedoms, Democratic Liberties, Dignity of the Person and Integrity of the Family

The ECLJ engages in litigation, provides legal services, renders advice and counsel to clients, and supports attorneys and organizations that are involved in defending religious freedoms and human rights.

Our services are provided without charge.

The principle office of the European Centre for Law and Justice is Strasbourg, France, seat of the European Court of Human Rights, The Council of Europe and the European Parliament.

Defence of Religious Freedoms, Protection of the Dignity of the Person and Life, and Preservation of the Family

The ECLJ defends:

  • Individuals and associations with respect to the protection and defense of religious freedom and fundamental human rights
  • Victims of religious discrimination or persecution from public authorities
  • mission-li3
  • The family

ECLJ currently has several cases before the European Court of Human Rights and has supported clients through the provision of amicus briefs before courts in South America, the Caribbean, Sweden, Cyprus, Slovakia, Ireland and elsewhere. We have also assisted Members of European Parliament in the provision of legislative amendments, advisory opinions, resolutions and Court interventions.

A Centre to Monitor Religious Freedom Issues and Share Information about National and European Policies

The ECLJ, through our network in Europe and with out office within the heart of the European Institutions in Strasbourg, France, is able to collect and share information about legislation and matters impacting religious freedom and traditional values in Europe.

ECLJ Provides Information to Religious Institutions and Associations, Attorneys, Judges, Public Officials and Interested Citizens

From our principal office in Strasbourg, seat of the European Institutions, cases can be brought to the European Court of Human Rights which protects the fundamental right to engage in religious worship, belief and expression without fear of discrimination as guaranteed by the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. It is the mission of the ECLJ to be rigorous advocates of these most basic rights and democratic freedoms.

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