The ECLJ Publishes a Report: “For a Policy of Prevention of Abortion”

Report: Policy of Prevention Abortion

By ECLJ1480347570015

Based on the book “Law and prevention of abortion in Europe” (LEH editions), the ECLJ publishes a report “For a policy of prevention of abortion” (in French, free downloading, 50 pages).

This report, based on factual and legal figures, presents the bases of a public policy of prevention of abortion.

The promotion of contraception and premature sexual education have largely failed at preventing abortion, the recourse to which stays very high in France and even increases among youth.

The ECLJ is convinced that it is possible to highly reduce, on the long term, the recourse to abortion, as it was done in Italy and Germany.

In the current context and with a view to the next presidential term, a consensual position from which to lead this politic consists in a pragmatic recognition of the necessity of a real policy of prevention of abortion, for the well-being of both women and the society.

To support this approach, the ECLJ invites you to read, sign and share the Call for a Policy of Prevention of Abortion