Defend Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom for Christians

By ECLJ1574417040000


Over the last decades across the world, Christians have become the most persecuted people because of their faith.
In Europe, people of Muslim background who convert to Christianity are often persecuted, forced to live their faith in hiding. Public demonstrations are increasingly censored, and even basic statements of faith in public discourses are being prosecuted.
In North Korea, they are prevented from even possessing a Bible. In many other countries, they can't publicly join a community or be baptized because capital punishment or life imprisonment are provided by States in response. 
The ECLJ is taking action at the European Court of Human Rights, at the European Parliament, at the Human Rights Council, and before many other international bodies to defend the rights of Christians: the freedom for anyone to become a Christian, to practise and to live his or her life accordingly.
I hereby sign this petition to support the ECLJ's actions and to increase the importance of that issue in the agendas of all these institutions and of their representatives.