The ECLJ is Hiring! 3 Positions to be Filled

The ECLJ is Hiring! 3 Job Offers

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The European Centre for Law and Justice is growing and getting stronger!

We are looking for three new staff members to take on the following tasks:

Advocacy Officer

Digital Marketing Manager

Administrative Secretary

These are full-time positions based in Strasbourg, France, starting in September 2024.

Job descriptions are available below.

The European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ) is a Christian NGO founded in Strasbourg in 1998, dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights in Europe and worldwide. In particular, the ECLJ defends freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and expression, and the right to life and dignity. The ECLJ acts before the European Court of Human Rights and through other mechanisms offered by the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The ECLJ has held special consultative status with the United Nations/ECOSOC since 2007, and it is accredited to the European Parliament.



Advocacy Officer

The ECLJ is looking for an Advocacy Officer. He or she will be responsible for defending the ECLJ's causes before international bodies in legal and media/political terms, focusing on the defense of persecuted Christian communities. He or she may also speak in defense of human life, freedom of conscience and religion, and other rights and freedoms.


More specifically, the Advocacy Officer will be responsible to:

Identify, analyze, and report on cases of persecution against Christian communities and attacks on the causes defended by the ECLJ;

Design and implement social, media, and institutional mobilization strategies in support of the ECLJ causes;

Write contributions for international bodies, particularly those of the United Nations;

Intervene orally in international forums;

Represent victims defended by the ECLJ before international bodies.


This requires the ability to:

Analyze complex legal and geopolitical situations;

Draft analysis reports for institutions;

Write press articles;

Speak publicly in the media and at public events;

Organize conferences and public events.


Skills Required:

Legal analysis skills;

Ability to express oneself orally and in writing in French and English;

Pleasant personality and strong relational intelligence to establish relations with diplomats, civil servants and experts;

Ability to work independently and take initiative;

Ability to travel frequently;

Share the convictions defended by ECLJ.


Education Required:

Five years of higher education in law, human rights, or public international law;

Knowledge of the workings of international human rights bodies;

Training in political science or geopolitics;


Professional Experience:

Experience in the legal field, advocacy, or human rights is desirable.


Internal and External Relations:

The Advocacy Officer works in close collaboration with the other officers, according to their assigned topics.  

No managerial function.


Working Conditions and Location:

Full-time position.

The position is based in Strasbourg, at ECLJ headquarters, as part of a team of 6/8 people.

Employee status under French law.

If you are interested, please send your CV with a cover letter and any other relevant information (letters of recommendation, etc.) to


Digital Marketing Manager 

To enhance the visibility and impact of ECLJ's activities, we are looking to increase our educational content and improve our presence on social networks. That is why we are looking to recruit a Digital Marketing Manager.

The Digital Marketing Manager will work under the supervision of ECLJ's Communications Manager to accomplish the following tasks, alone or in tandem:

Publish content on ECLJ's social networks (Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Telegram);

Record and edit videos (shorts/reels, short videos, interviews, conferences, etc.);

Create graphics of vignettes, conference posters, and article illustrations for our website and social networks;

Create and distribute emails to subscribers (newsletters and appeals for donations);

Manage the advertising budget on social networks (mainly Meta ads);

Develop digital strategies and brand positioning for the ECLJ.


Main Objective

Assist the Communications Manager in all these tasks to increase the quantity and quality of content published by the ECLJ on social networks.



Improve the ECLJ's marketing by taking and adapting what has already been done and providing expertise on the various platforms used by the ECLJ. The time spent on the Marketing Manager's various tasks will vary according to the ECLJ's needs and the Marketing Manager's skills.

The Marketing Manager will mainly work alone but will occasionally collaborate with the Communications Manager.


Development Prospects and Responsibilities:

The position will evolve so that the Marketing Manager can eventually work independently in the medium term (6 months) and possibly with another collaborator depending on ECLJ's media needs in the longer term (2 years or more). Responsibility for the development of digital strategies, as well as the expansion and use of new media and tools, could be part of the evolution of the position if the marketing manager has the skills to do so in the medium/long term (1 year and more).


Business Skills Required:

Trained in digital marketing;

Personal or professional experience in promoting content on social networks;

Mastery of digital tools (editing and graphics software, Meta Business Manager, etc.).


Technical and Professional Skills Valued:

Basic knowledge of French;

Fluent in English;

Mastery of various digital marketing techniques and curiosity to keep up to date on marketing news;

Good knowledge of the online, social, and institutional environment in which the ECLJ works.


General Working Conditions:

The position is to be filled in-person, at the ECLJ headquarters in Strasbourg, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, for a total of 35 hours. While this is a full-time position, part-time (28h/week) is a possibility. 

Interviews and conferences may occasionally require additional hours (a few times a year).

If you are interested, please send your CV with a cover letter and any other relevant information (letters of recommendation, results, etc.) to


Administrative Secretary

The ECLJ is looking for an associate to work as its Administrative Secretary.


Main tasks:


Prepare monthly accounts (integration of invoices and receipts, checking correspondence with account statements); 

Pay and keep track of invoices and taxes; 

Prepare and update the annual budget.


Management of Premises and Equipment

Ensure that office equipment and supplies are in good working order;

Monitor relations with suppliers and outside contractors;

Ensure that premises are properly maintained.


Personnel Administration

Fulfill and follow-up on legal obligations relating to personnel (occupational medicine, health insurance, training, etc.);

Transmit to the accountant the information required to produce pay slips.


Travel Logistics

Identify the best travel itineraries, transportation, and hotels;

Manage the reimbursement of expenses incurred.


Logistics for ECLJ Events

Provide logistical assistance in preparing ECLJ events (conferences, dinners, etc.).


Institutional and Public Relations

Greet visitors; 

Answer phone calls; 

Process and forward incoming emails; 

Mail, fax or email requested documents;

Ensure renewal of the ECLJ accreditations with the United Nations;

Publish ECLJ reports and other documents found on the UN website. 



Strong work ethic, organizational ability, and servant’s heart;

Oral and written expression in French and English;

Interpersonal skills.


Training and Experience:

Secretarial training;

Several years' experience in a similar position.


Working Conditions and Location:

Position to be filled in Strasbourg, at the ECLJ headquarters;

Possibility of 80% part-time work;

Employee status under French law.


If you are interested, please send your CV with a cover letter and any supporting documents (letters of recommendation, etc.) to

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