Pornography is not a Human Right

Pornography is not a Human Right

By ECLJ1612361744886


Pornography is unhealthy and its online distribution is a real scourge.


The harmful consequences of pornography for the individual are numerous: it creates a cycle of dependency, it is harmful to the development of children and adolescents, it gives a degrading image of women, it undermines marital and family relationships, it predisposes to sexual violence and abuse, and it is detrimental to mental health.


Moreover, in order to put the millions of videos available on the Internet online, pornography develops a trade and practices that are contrary to human rights. It is a violation of the prohibition of degrading treatment, and pushes mainly women in precarious situations to sell their bodies, in violation of their right to dignity and the prohibition of forced labour.


It is high time to put an end to pornography, which makes up for almost a third of all online searches!


The biggest digital companies have demonstrated their ability to remove or render inaccessible websites and applications very quickly. If international institutions demand the removal of pornographic content, the technical means will be found.


The fight against pornography is a matter of will.

Sign this petition to support the ECLJ’s institutional action to fight against online pornography.


Food for thoughts:

Read here our report for the members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: “Pornography and human rights

Read our written observations submitted to the European Court of Human Rights in the case: Roman Chocholáč v. Slovakia (no. 81292/17).

RCF broadcast of 30 January 2021: How to fight against online pornography? (in French only)

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