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ECHR, Gross v. Switzerland: The applicant requesting a right to die was already dead. The European Court cannot be abusively instrumentalized for strategic litigation

ECLJ Affiliate Demanding Justice for a Christian Victim of Attempted Rape

U.N. Condemns Pastor Saeed Abedini’s “Arbitrary” Imprisonment; ECLJ Urges his Release at Human Rights Council

ECLJ to the Grand Chamber of the ECHR: “Returning a Christian convert to Iran would subject him to serious human rights violations”

Religion Under Attack - An Interview with Grégor Puppinck
ECLJ Press Conference on San Jose Articles video and audio (English and Original )
Hungary: a country with a pro-life constitution

« Crucifix obligatoire pour tous ? – les leçons de l’Affaire Lautsi » - 8 mai 2011- RTBF
Centre Européen pour le Droit et la Justice - Gregor Puppinck

Affaire du crucifix: interview de Grégor Puppinck sur Radio Vatican
Persécution des chrétiens d'Orient, l'Europe dénonce. 22 février 2011
Liberté religieuse et protection des chrétiens d’Orient - 2 février 2011