Channel 5 News - Pakistan - ECLJ representative Napoleon Qayyum spoke about Christian Nursing Student Attack

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Anchor: President Zardari’s special representative, Napoleon Qayyum said that Karachi police and the hospital administration are suppressing [the evidence] in the rape case of the Christian nurse.

While speaking to Channel 5 news, President’s special representative who is investigating the Christian nurse’s rape case, said:

The President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari has taken notice of the rape of the Christian nurse and has sent a team under the leadership of Napoleon Qayyum who is with us and speaking with Channel 5 on the issue. Let’s ask the current situation of the case.  

Napoleon Qayyum (ECLJ representative): I am neither satisfied with the police nor the health department.

The entire health department is supporting the doctor [who raped the Christian nurse].

The doctors who are performing medical examinations are [the culprit’s] friends.

The police are telling us that that they are waiting for the DNA report. Why have they destroyed the samples that they took earlier? And after three days [they say] that they have sent new samples to Islamabad.

Therefore, we are not satisfied with either the police or the health department.

Tonight we are submitting our report to the president.

Anchor: So, you are not satisfied with the situation so far. But you must have heard that there are some names that are attached with the party and some doctors are involved, another girl is also named. Why have they not been investigated yet? When do you think others will be investigated?

Napoleon: I spoke with Imran Farouqi, Superintendent of the Police. He said that they are investigating the other girl, Sajjad Fatima, who is accused [of helping the culprit]. They have taken her statement. But they are not arresting her.

I also informed the Chief Secretary that the other [culprits] should be suspended and arrested. But the Chief Secretary said that the others have been named [in the police complaint].

Anchor: And what about the two other doctors?

Napoleon: Yes, Fatima, Dr. Tayyab, and Riffat. They have neither been suspended [from their jobs] nor are the police arresting or investigating them.

Anchor: So, after your report, has Dr. Abdul Jabbar Mamon, the alleged rapist been terminated [from his job]?

Napoleon: We don’t know yet.

Anchor: We have heard that . . .

Napoleon: Yes, we have heard it only. But I wanted to meet the doctor but the police have not allowed me to meet him so far.

Anchor: So, even President Asif Ali Zardari’s team has not been allowed to meet the accused.

Napoleon: The police said that we don’t need to meet him, neither were we told where he is detained.

Anchor: What recommendations will you provide the President Asif Ali Zardari?

Napoleon: First of all, the [nurse’s] future should be secured. She should be given her nursing degree. She has completed her education.

I will request the President that the aggrieved family should also be financially compensated.

Tomorrow she is being discharged from the hospital. I have asked Imran Farouqi, the Superintendent of Police, to arrange security for the nurse.

So far no arrangements have been made. [The family] has received threats [from the defendant].

Anchor: We were speaking with the President’s special representative . . .

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