Seminar: “New Conceptual Challenges Regarding Freedom of Religion or Belief”

Seminar Regarding Freedom of Religion

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A deep and fruitful seminar took place at the European Court of Human Rights on 17-18 November 2016 on the new conceptual challenges regarding freedom of religion or belief. It was co-organized by the International Center for Law and Religion Studies and the European Centre for Law and Justice.

Several ECHR judges and experts in this specific field had the opportunity to develop, explain and debate on conceptions, foundations, moral implications, and limits of freedom of religion or belief.

Four hours were dedicated to the discussion of “conscienceper se. Dr Grégor Puppinck, presenting his work, gave a presentation on conscientious objection.

Attending the event were Center Founding Director Cole Durham and Director Brett Scharffs, along with Senior Editor Donlu Thayer and members of the International Advisory Council Duane and Erlyn Madsen. Grégor Puppinck, director of the European Centre for Law and Justice, who attended with colleagues Prof. Thierry Rambaud, Dr Vincent Cador, Dr Claire de La Hougue, and Prof. Jean-Pierre Schouppe.

Other participants were Ján Figel’, Special Envoy for Promotion of Freedom of Religion or Belief outside the European Union, and academics, including Neville Rochow, Sophie van Bijsterveld, Silvio Ferrari, T. Jeremy Gunn, Zdravka Kalaydjieva, Yannis Ktistakis, Vincenzo Pacillo, Javier Martínez-Torrón, Jeroen Temperman, and Renáta Uitz.