When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous. Proverbs 21:15

Our Cases

ECLJ Affiliate Demanding Justice for a Christian Victim of Attempted Rape

Inquiry into Death of Pakistani Christian in Custody Faces a World of Obstacles

Victory in a Blasphemy Case in Pakistan

Pastor Accused of Blasphemy Granted Bail in Pakistan

200 Families Displaced in Pakistan after Minor Accused of Blasphemy

Victory in Pakistan: Christian Police Officer Acquitted of False Charges

A Step Towards Victory for a Pakistani Christian Family

Pakistani Court Rules in Favor of Christians in a Church Property Case

ECLJ Secures Victory for Persecuted Christian Family in Pakistan

ECLJ Condemns the Assassination of Christian Pakistani Government Minister

ECLJ Pakistan: Pakistani Police and Hospital Uncooperative Over Christian's Death (Imran Masih)

ECLJ Condemns Assassination of Punjabi Governor for Calling Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws "Black Laws"

ECLJ Successfully Represents Pakistani Christian Couple & Family in False Abduction Case (Basharat Masih)

Pakistan's President Takes Notice of "Systematic Discrimination" Against Christians in Aid Distribution

Pakistan: Undemocratic Forces Strengthened by Pakistani Government's Sluggish Response to Flood Devastation

ECLJ Represents Christian Nursing Student in Pakistan who Was Raped, Beaten & Nearly Murdered Because of Her Faith (Magdalene Ashraf)

ECLJ Assists 43 Christians Threatened With Death & Detained in Their Homes by Muslims in Pakistan (Basharat Masih)

Christian Family's Son Kidnapped by Muslim Landlord and Held Captive as Involuntary Servant in Pakistan (Katherine and Riaz Masih)

ECLJ Protecting Christian Cemetery in Pakistan from Illegal Possession by Muslims

ECLJ Assists Pakistani Christian Couple on the Run After Conversion From Islam

ECLJ Representing Family of Pakistani Christian Man Murdered for Political Views

ECLJ Files Appeal in a Blasphemy Case in Pakistan

ECLJ to United Nations: Urge Pakistani Government to Prosecute Acts of Violence Against Christians

Operation Blessing - Persecution in Pakistan

The ACLJ Assisting in Work to Protect Christians in Pakistan - Persecution of Minorities Continues