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01.07.15 - The preservation of the patrimony and of the symbol of the Bucharest Roman-Catholic Church before the ECHR: Catholic Diocese of Bucharest v. Romania case

01.06.15 - The ECHR to hear the first case on euthanasia: will the Court allow a MD to kill his patient by ending its nutrition and hydration?

12.29.14 - Legal policy choice of Hungary challenged before the Grand Chamber of the ECHR: the case Baka v. Hungary

12.03.14 - Grand Chamber of the ECHR hears the case of an Iranian converted to Christianity

11.26.14 - The ECHR condemns Spain for judging that the property rights of a Catholic parish church belong to the diocese and not to a commercial society.

11.24.14 - The Council of Europe refuses to oppose neonatal infanticides.

11.10.14 - Among the ‘Millennium Development Goals’: the Universal Legalisation of Abortion.

09.30.14 - ECHR, Gross v. Switzerland: The applicant requesting a right to die was already dead. The European Court cannot be abusively instrumentalized for strategic litigation

09.26.14 - ECLJ Affiliate Demanding Justice for a Christian Victim of Attempted Rape

09.17.14 - U.N. Condemns Pastor Saeed Abedini’s “Arbitrary” Imprisonment; ECLJ Urges his Release at Human Rights Council

09.16.14 - ECLJ to the Grand Chamber of the ECHR: “Returning a Christian convert to Iran would subject him to serious human rights violations”

09.03.14 - ECHR - Hämäläinen v. Finland: No obligation for the states under the European Convention on Human Rights to allow same-sex marriage or any other legal status to same-sex couples

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